Work Proposal Index


This is a comprehensive outline which details the Strategy for the Via - London Launch campaign, directed and produced by Shauntay Pitts.  

Work Proposal Index

A. Strategic Analysis (A1. Required Hours, A2 Future Work)

B. Project Scope (B1. Project Index, B2. Project Breakdown (Hours))

C. Framework, Strategy & Goals (C1. Project Index, C2. Workload, C3. Phase I)

D. Terms of Agreement (D1. Timeline, D2. Project Breakdown, D3. Payment Schedule)

E. Additional Details (E1. Work Agreement, E2. Workflow, E3. Communication & Responsibilities, E4. Goals & Objectives)

F. Conclusion (F1. Future Steps)

A. Strategic Analysis & Project


Via is a great solution for affordable car sharing. I will create a London, UK series of videos and that introduces Via to the UK market, and gain visibility and traction for the app.

I will create a video series of digital assets that consist of various formats and video lengths for use on social media acquisition channels.

The strategy is to film up to three concepts that represent Via for a launch in London, UK. Each video will use juxtaposition as the central theme to show two people coming together through the power of Via. 




A1. Required Hours

I believe involvement will take [ 60 ] hours.  As such, I elect to start my involvement assisting Via plus commencing on June 26, 2018.  

A2. Future Work

After this campaign and evaluation of process and deliverables, I will be willing to open up future conversation for more campaigns and visual assets.


B. Project Scope

Using the strategy from section A elected, I have organized the project at hand in phases beginning with the visual pre-production process and ending with the final deliverables.  

Below is a general outline that further explains the project process.  This information is based on our phone conference assessment on June 21st, 2018.

B1. Project Index

Ride Sharing Acquisition Video Series

C. Framework, Strategy & Goals, Project Management

C1. Project Index

Ride Sharing Acquisition Video Series 

C2. Workload (Hours)
              Ride Sharing Project - 60 hrs
        script development // storyboard // casting call & location // DP // editing // color correction // 2 rounds of edits