Viking Waffles Wholesale



21g protein

3g sugar

160 calories

Naturally Gluten Free

Low Glycemic Index Carbs

No Added Sugar

No Preservatives



At Viking Waffles, we are on a mission to change people’s perception of how healthy food should taste. We are committed to creating a brand you can trust with a focus on combining nutrition and taste with no compromises. When it comes to eating, we do not believe living healthy or losing weight is about limiting foods that taste good- it’s about finding healthier, more filling versions of them.

This vision comes from the CEO & Founder, Benedicte Engen, a fitness enthusiast, Cross-fit trainer, Kettlebell and Yoga instructor. She was formerly a professional soccer player in Norway, after which she briefly attended medical school. During her medical studies she learned about nutrition and the preventive aspects of eating healthy. That awareness led her to experiment with her own diet and ultimately create the Viking WaffleTM, a high quality, delicious, nutritious baked good that can be enjoyed as a meal or a snack.


Some Current Viking Waffles Retailers

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Accounts Will Be Charged Monthly & Viking Waffles Will Be Delivered Bi Weekly,

25 pack - $87.50

50 pack - $150 

100 pack - $250

retailer margins = 40 - 60 %

Benedicte Engen


“You are not buying a waffle, you are buying health.”



A Few Of Benedicte's Features

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