Viking Waffles Sales



Keenan Alves



Physical Sales

what you will receive
  • In person sales of Viking Waffles to their list of desired gyms and hotels


Digital Sales

What you will receive
  • Sales one sheet  - this sheet will be created to contain all of the great facts about Viking Waffles

  • Sales deck creation (via website link or pdf) - this is a sales deck with video/photo/gif content that is used for potential high profile customers to get an in depth Viking Waffles experience.  It is also very useful for sending cold emails .  This has been proven to gain more potential customers in comparison to regular text email outreach. 

  • Remote sales - emails sent to customers that we can not reach in person.  This is where we utilize sales decks built as a web experience.

  • Advertising Content - This is the creation of digital media content for marketing and sales.  These are videos, photos, gifs, and designs with a direct call to action leading your audience to purchase Viking Waffles.  This content can be used for advertisement purposes and more.  

  • Strategic partnerships - create proposals for partnerships with high profile brands (such as Nike for example) as well as other businesses that can provide value to Viking Waffles

Monthly Cost = $1000 and 1 monthly metro card (for traveling to potential clients and meetings)

Relevant Work Experience



Objective: For this project we provided Monster GoDJ and JD SOUND with digital assets as well as a physical/digital marketing campaign.  The digital assets consisted of Video, Photo, and Gifs.  The physical/digital marketing campaign was hosted through events in NYC, testimonials from their target audience, social media enhancement, newsletter updates to our network and more.  All of this resulted in the campaign being funded at 209%.


Results: we showcased the product at a technology event called Make Waves Works, the DJ Expo, and obtained a few hundred emails, produced a successful campaign that surpassed goal



Objective: produce advertisements that engage their demographic personas to engage and grow more users for the app.

Results: 4.5 million views on advertisement, higher app downloads



Objective: create app photography for the re-launch of their social network for drinkers app as well as promotional video for their users and new customers.

Results: After one day of posting Swig’s promotional video picked up a new audience in Russia. Pushing the video to 10,000 views in a day. Landed them a residency on a youtube channel called Small Screens Network, that helped them gain higher downloads.