The Journey Quote



There will be a strategic production meeting prior to filming.  This meeting will cover the high priority shots for the theme / overall message of the day.  This meeting will also give the cinematographer notice on the parts of the day that should be filmed with audio or captured as b-roll.



1 day of filming every other week (up to 8 hours for the day). 

Time starts when cinematographer arrives on site at the time you request.



BETTER® Team sorts through the footage and creates a sequence with the best raw footage.  This is due on the first Friday of the two week editing process.

Depending on the footage the first sequence will be edited with little to no creative elements to conserve editing time so we can have a faster turnaround time on the overall end deliverable.

Jakt Marketing will leave comments on the sequence through to help condense the video if necessary and make sure it aligns with the theme.

From there the final edit will be produced and delivered Thursday morning.  This will leave room for one revision.  Any further revisions will be billed at our standard hourly rate.

The final video edit will be delivered on Friday for Jakt to release Saturday morning.

There will be one video produced every two weeks (2 videos per month)



Price = $1600

(Jakt will be receiving a 27% discount with this package.  The Standard Price = $2200)