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why you want to work with us

We have experience in the field of digital media content production, strategy, and business development.  We have worked with a number of clients that are aligned with your brand as well.  We know what the youth want as well as what a  Fortune 500 company would want.  We are part of a network of industry trend setters and like minded innovators.  But most of all we love your brand, what you do, and who you represent.  By attending your events and looking at your work we came to the realization that we are the perfect team to optimize your brand without changing it's desired course.  So we made phase 1 of the blueprint that will take Team Epiphany to new heights in the Age of Experience.  

team epiphany blueprint 


Assistance in expanding at event reach with more leverage and less cost.


Fuse experiential marketing with venue sponsorship


Extend lifetime value of event related content well beyond the event


B2B lead generation through experiential marketing and/or events / Client to Client Alignment


Proper incorporation of streaming services to boost outreach and impact


Develop social media presence


Diversify events based on income level of Team Epiphany demographic


Incorporation of online community who are not able to make events  





ENGAGE/increase YOUR PHYSICAL audience


engage/increase your DIGITAl AUDIENCE


INCREASE the value of your services for your Clients