Team & Ask Funding

Team + Milestones

Is the team capable of executing the plan?


We have a diverse team of professionals from each industry necessary to grow a business, brand, community, and cult.  Plus we have past Alley Community Managers on the team with a Proof of Concept using lean startup methodolog


The team consists of professionals who have developed professionalism through consulting, digital strategy, creative direction, production, and finance. We are looking to combine all expertise to create a network in physical space that would be conducive to small business growth & create more jobs for creative professionals who work as their own entity. The processes for creating and running space relies heavily on the skills learned with ALLEYNYC and our ability to bridge the gap between our professional mindset and creative talent. Other entities that will be apart of the original starting network would be (MANNY, LZ, YANIQUE) Their Milestones range from Entertainment Music Labels, Top Fashion Brands, and Top 4 Accounting Firms.




Branding/Decisions of which freelancers get to stay and use the space and who GTFO/community manager->grow the attraction that will attract "cash cow" customers


Innovative finance for freelancers







brand equity


industry expertise






let's collab !

Collaborate with AlleyNYC to either expand under their brand or for Jason to advise us as an industry expert, for purposes of expanding the co-working service to the creative industry in Brooklyn.

Cost: reasonable hourly compensation within available budgets to maintain the team's life as a full business expansion plan is developed.