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Proposal for Video Contract


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We believe in your vision and we would like to be your two person team for video production at Team Epiphany on a per contract basis. We envision working with you to consistently produce videos that not only showcase events but also showcase your work, your clients, and your story. We believe we would be a great team to work with because we like to incorporate adjacent art direction for each of our video contracts, this is so we can provide a unique end deliverable that stands on it's own.

Our videos are constructed to engage various senses in unison regardless of what the video topic or subject is.  We use music, images, editing techniques, as well as color in unison to produce our videos.  If smell or taste can not be incorporated in our digital content now trust we will be amongst the first to accomplish it in the future.  This is why we think you should work with us, we provide a visual experience that is composed of various art mediums to create a solid composition for event recaps, behind-the-scenes shoots, interviews, music videos, and more.  Lastly we provide a complimentary strategy with each piece of our media content to make the process smoother for everyone which ultimately results in all around prosperity.


what we produce



Event Gif Creation

during the event we will have (1 out of 2) of the videographers at a GIF station set up where they record GIFS  that would be branded and published up to 48 hours after the event for guest to share and post on social media platforms.


Gif Created by Better at a V.I.P Axe Event



Event Recap Videos

Our event recap videos are more than your average recap video.  Part of our art direction can feature lifestyle influencers that correlate with the event production.  During the event (1 out of 2) of the videographers will be the main camera for the event recap video. The video created will match the vibe of the event and showcase what makes Team Epiphany so great. Your recaps will be true to brand identity and mood. 


Video created by Better at V.I.P Axe Event



Investor Videos

Our fundraiser/crowdfunding videos will assist you and your clients by showing the true value of your product/service.  This enables you to raise the necessary money for your campaign while showing the earning potential.  Click on the link under the video to check out our most recent campaign that surpassed it's funding goal at 209%