Below are variations of each photo that was sent over.
The Art Direction behind the photos was to create a vision that can encompass everything which includes current brand direction, as well as possible future thoughts and emblem placement. 

From this I concluded, the light leaks really work with the brand, I tried many different color palettes and I think it can be used to evoke emotion or just clean visuals for customers. I was able to create various cuts from one photo that can serve for many purpose such advertising, social promotion, billboard, postcards, etc.

I think moving forward more placement of logo as well as text or even quotes would be something we can start to incorporate right away. 

I also tried to incorporate moving images which you can see below, I used an effect called Parallax theme which enables me to make a still image move, this is something I am looking to incorporate down the line, below is just a snippet of what it could be. 

As far as color I really like the contrast of the logo and using warmer colors, enhancing the sharpness and richness of each photo. 

Overall, my opinion the brand direction is great and we can create more work along the line of animated 2D photos as well as GIFS. I would also like to try art based variations as well.