Test Trial

test trial

During this complimentary test trial Protein Magic will receive one Video with Cross Brand Marketing. 

Video Theme 

A Protein Magic Morning

Ashley Nocera is an athlete who is having a Viking Waffle Breakfast prepared by a chef, and then having a workout at I.C.E NYC right after where Benedicte Engen (CEO of Protein Magic / Crossfit Coach) guides her through olympic lifting / barbell techniques and a workout.   After the workout Benedicte will surprise her by telling her she is the innovator behind Viking Waffles (this part will not be in the advertisement video but it is important for the positive psychological effect of Ashley wanting to push the brand more and organically because she will love the fact that Benedicte is true to the lifestyle and is a female CEO empowering herself and people around her inside and outside of the fitness community).  Overall this shows how protein magic can enable a great start to your day.  

Vision Board


video details


  • Panasonic GH4


  • Rode Mic
  • Hand held Voice Recorder


  • Lifestyle with some slow motion action shots. 
  • The detail of Culinary Art
  • The detail of the Viking Waffle Breakfast  
  • The Interior Decor
  • The Decor and Equipment Detail of ICE NYC
  • Ashley Nocera's Workout Style
  • Ashley Nocera's Clothing
  • Benedicte's Instruction Style
  • Benedicte's Clothing

marketing details

  • Bleu Magazine Placement
  • Make Waves Event Placement
  • Social Media Push of the Video
  • Cross Brand Marketing between Ashley Nocera, Benedicte Engen, Norwegian Protein Magic, Alphalete, Kristina Vanni, and ICE NYC.


  • All parties involved receive online marketing and digital media content 
  • Placement in Bleu Magazine
  • 3 days of Social media enhancement for Viking Waffles
  • Viking Waffles Product Placement
  • Increase in online engagement for Norwegian Protein Magic and Benedicte Engen
  • Cross Brand Marketing between Ashley Nocera, Norwegian Protein Magic, and Benedicte Engen

what we need from you

  • Delicious Viking Waffles
  • An overnight AirBnB near I.C.E. NYC for the Fitness Model
  • Access to ICE NYC for up to 3 hours
  • A signed work agreement


More Info

Due to the nature of this project being complimentary some of the details of the project are subject to change.  You will receive your digital media content and marketing within 3 weeks of the film date.