Our Process

We know there is no one right way to do anything, we have figured out a way to keep that true to your projects. We understand there are a million ways to create and our process below enables us to give our clients structure and familiarity, but also enabling the client to deliver true original content and ideas.



On our first encounter, we listen to all of your ideas.  Next we will let you know how to implement your current expertise to properly execute on those ideas.  We do this by providing you consultation in digital media, finance, and the industry you specialize in.  Our network consists of many consultants known for generating millions of dollars in profit.


After consultation we provide you with a solid plan that you can visualize. This can range from a marketing plan, a storyboard, script, talent scouting, influencer placement, digital plans, community outreach and so much more. We really aren't limited in our reach, our team has experience in a lot fields. 
Don't believe us? TRY US WE DARE YOU!


This is the Get Sh*T done stage.
In this part we execute the plan. Whether you came to us for a strategy or you provided us with one we will bring the vision to reality. This stage can include web production, digital assets, photography, and cinematography. This is where we make the magic happen.  Our markers for each step are pre-production, production, and post-production.