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Product Overview

GO DJ plus is the worlds first all in one A4 size DJ system that packs all the power of large DJ systems.  It is easy to learn and you can fit it in your bag plus use it anywhere with headphones or speakers.  That means you can DJ on the train, in your cab, at events, and more. The possibilities are endless especially considering that you will be able to mix your own music along with music from online streaming services.


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More About GO DJ Plus

The GO DJ manufacturing process is all done in-house by our Japanese manufacturer, JD Sound located in Sendai, Miyagi.  The company has extensive experience in product development which results in the GO DJ Plus having the best quality parts.  They have manufactured many products for Sony dating back to the era of the Walkman.

Not only are the parts high quality but the operating system was custom developed to complement the hardware as well. The GO DJ system controls the tasks for the best functionality. Because of that, every resource can be concentrated to play the music. This provides an optimal user experience without freezing or crashing.


Representative Director: Koichiro Miyazaki

Miyazaki and his team have been working in the field of semiconductor design and digital audio for over 15 years. They have produced various products such as game machine, karaoke machine, guitar effector, high resolution player, and more. They specialize in creating these products with a clean and minimalistic design.


Key Features


12 Hour Battery Life 

A4 Size / Lightweight 

Internal / External Memory Capability

Headphone & Speaker Input / Mic

Built in Speakers

Additional Knobs and Pads

LCD Touch Screen

SD Slot 

USB Slot

Wifi Capability

Streaming Music app capability


Testimonials & FAQ


Can I use it if I haven't DJ’d before?

Without a doubt. Our product has a user interface perfect for beginners to be able to enjoy mixing without difficulty.


What is the difference between GODJ and GODJ Plus?

The main differences are the addition of a built-in speaker, more operating parts such as knobs, pads, and an output connector.   Which is why we designed an A4 sized body.  Another new feature is the addition of wi-fi connectivity. 


Can I connect it with huge club speakers?

Yes, you can. Just connect the RCA output on the back of the body to the amplifier, and the music will play from the huge speakers.