One line pitch



Alley BKLYN is a creative co-working space for both new media focused businesses and the freelance creative service professionals.The current market is networked and organized across distributed digital means and  physical locations that are defined by denying access.  We believe this organization is fundamentally inefficient for both the business needs and the creative service professional. Alley BKLYN would serve as a physical location and a community to connect those who have new media needs and those who can provide professional creative services.  Alley BKLYN would have the necessary resources to facilitate a creative brand from the ground up.  It would become the go to location for any young start up looking to expand their network and grow their new media operations while giving the freelancers who choose to work in a professional manor, the opportunity to organize their revenue generation.  Alley BKLYN would literally be creating the "trap" line of service equivalent of the co-working industry - the low cost adaptation that is necessary in the environment to survive and creates "coolness" (admiration) upon those who can adapt to the environment and thrive.



Elevator Pitch version 1 (feel free to edit) -     ALLEY bklyn is a creative co-working space for both elite creative businesses and creative individuals.  We have the necessary resources to facilitate any creative or brand from the ground up.



Alley BKLYN a space for new media professionals.