About // Goal & Objectives


Through combining the technical genius that is JD Sound and the powerful brand identity of Monster Audio, GO DJ by Monster was born. GO DJ was produced to enable the DJ's creativity on the go while involving the masses in the ultimate curation experience.

This is an exclusive Monster product that serves as an accessible audio tool that encourages creating, sharing, and collaboration.


Crowdfunding Video in Korea

Raised $495,000 (US Dollars) on the crowdfunding platform Makuake

Created a larger yet still thin and portable model to offer better options in aiding to DJ'ing on the go. Making this system portable and instant, it allows the artist to create frequently, and often for an affordable price. 

You can get booked anyplace, anytime! 

Goals & Objectives


  • Raise $2 million dollars on the crowdfunding platform of their choice (currently indiegogo) before October 2016
  • Establish Monster GO DJ as a product that has a unique brand 
  • Engage U.S. physical and digital audience for brand identity and audience growth 
  • Collaborate with brands to expand and activate networks
  • Create a product that aids to the artist communities


Korean Government

  • The Korean Government is behind the funding of this project
  • They believe in creation & innovation
  • especially when from their hometown. JD Sound is Monster GODJ in the US
  • in Korea they work out of a Co-Working Space
  • they would love to discuss co-working in the U.S & possible collaboration
  • for opening international spaces.