GO DJ Digital x Physical


Online & Social Media Influencer Marketing - (5 million+ Reach)

In regards to social media marketing we plan to get an organic push from our colleagues as well as social influencers that we have involved in the campaign (plus their influencer friends).  This culture is big on sharing and working on a barter system (favor for favor).  In this campaign they will see the benefit of sharing it digitally because it promotes them as well as the people in their network.

This means the campaign will serve as a marketing tool for brands as well as the people involved in the overall culture of lifestyle and art.  All of these influencers have access to huge magazines, venues, boutiques, blogs, and more.  Which automatically increases the nobility of the campaign.  Not only are you asking for donations to fund your product but you are helping the community by sharing the style of video that we have produced.  This overall message keeps the campaign running and easily shareable.

After everyone posts as planned you will see exponential growth in the campaign views and donations due to re-sharing (this includes reblogs, regrams, retweets, and more from their fans, followers, friends, and partners).  We will make this an easy task for them by having a short bitly link that contains the necessary content beautifully packaged for them to move forward with the process.

While the low cost / free engagement is occurring we will boost engagement through offering this viral content to sites that will increase its virality through paid posts.  Examples of this are Hypetrak, Complex, Hypebeast, TechCrunch, Highsnobiety, Engadget, HypeBae, Worldstar HipHop, and more.  The prices for these sites vary and will more than likely cost us less than the average brand because of our direct involvement in the community.

Digital & Physical Gamification Campaign
We plan to create an online contest that incentivizes sharing our campaign.  Prizes will vary based on the amount you share and donate (for example donating $5 may get you a GO DJ key chain while $1000 gets you a custom GO DJ).

While our digital campaign is running itself our physical campaign will happen on a bi-weekly to monthly basis until October (the month of mass manufacturing).  The physical campaign works through the most classic and useful form of exposure.  Word of Mouth.  

Our word of mouth marketing will happen through us organizing a sponsored Happy Hour at AlleyNYC (a parent organization of ours that raised $16 million in one year).  During this Happy Hour the product and it’s story will be explained and demonstrated.  We will attract your target demographic by implementing a different DJ using the GO DJ during each happy hour.  Our past AlleyNYC Happy Hours had some notable DJ’s such as Kitty Cash and Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds.  

The Happy Hour will have various ticket prices.  Proceeds from the tickets will go towards the campaign.  Each differently priced ticket will have a different prize.  The quality of the prize increases with increase of ticket price.

 We will also have merchandise ready to sell during the happy hour for those who did not buy a specific ticket but they want a specific prize associated with that ticket.

During the physical gamification campaign we will continue to share content digitally by inviting press, talented artists, tech enthusiasts, investors and more.  This also generates new viral content and allows us to repeat the cycle of having the crowdfunding happy hour.  This technique bridges the gap between the digital and physical sphere of crowdfunding and online influence.

Social Management/ Growth + Analytics
During phase three of the campaign we will manage and push out the social campaign and digital assets devoted to the promotion of the campaign. This includes social media management and analytical monitoring. This includes scheduled posts, and growth tools across multiple social platforms. We will track growth and engagement throughout the process that we will share with the team during our weekly project update meetings.