Monster GoDJ Crowdfunding

For this project we provided Monster GoDJ and JD SOUND with digital assets as well as a physical/digital marketing campaign.  The digital assets consisted of Video, Photo, and Gifs.  The physical/digital marketing campaign was hosted through events in NYC, testimonials from their target audience, social media enhancement, newsletter updates to our network and more.  All of this resulted in the campaign being funded at 209%.


Product Testimonial Video

Project details

GoDJ Plus Live Campaign Pre-Launch Site

In order to build anticipation for the launch of the campaign and get people on board our lifestyle mission, we created an interactive website to push to our network as well as others.  We purchased the domain and website cms to create the US based site :

Through this website we created a RSVP page for DJ's and influencers who are interested in testing the prototype. Through this page we were able to onboard and cast Matt and Kim for the testimonial video we prepared for launch.


We created a Newsletter using our existing subscribers giving them an exclusive invitation to the new innovative technology that has surfaced which is, GoDJ Plus. We wrote a blurb about the campaign that was routed towards the official campaign page.


35% open rate / 10% click through for list serve of 68 subscribers (Make Waves 03 email collection) (more info below)

25% open rate / 10% click through for list serve of 1,100 subscribers (Our brand list serve)

15% open rate / 5% click through for the list serve of 85 subscriber (Pre Campaign launch collected emails)





Below are past events where we exposed the GoDJ plus as well as projected events that are coming soon.

Date: June 25th, 2016  Location: SOHO Enjoy Headquarters
Make Waves 03: Summer Vlogbuster was a 3 part workshop event in downtown manhattan, where attendees got a hands on demo of various technology equipment as well as a video screening & wellness run with the Nike Run Club.

make GoDJ a sponsor as well as set up a station for people who were at the event to see the product, learn more information about the system as well as use it as a demo.

The attendees were very interested in the product so we were able to receive emails we used in an email blast when the campaign launched.
A magazine rep was impressed by the technology so spoke with Artsy Magazine for press.
We created a mix with the GoDJ Plus that was used as the official music for the wellness run of the workshop.



we ventured throughout the city to create some cool lifestyle imagery that is shareable and according to current photography and design trends for products here are a few below.

Previous Clients