Copy of Conclusion


D. Terms of Agreement

We have determined the three phases (Video Production, Press Kit, and Strategy + Implementation) will require  [93] hours.
In regards to Timeline, Term breakdown, and Fee; here are our thoughts:

D1. Timeline

We elect to begin the project within 24 hours of signing the work agreement, and complete phase 1 and phase 2 of the project within 3 weeks of signing the work agreement .  

D2. Payment Schedule

Our service rate is currently $50/hour and with that said, being that this project is unique and in the same creative realm as ours we would like to build a lasting relationship with your brand.  

[[ Due to the urgency in start of project we require the first installment within 24 hours of signing the work agreement.  This deposit allows us to facilitate casting, props, incidentals, location, and gear for the first day of filming.  (If we do not receive the first installment 3 days before filming, the film date will have to be pushed back. ]]

As a result the payment breakdown results in [93] hrs x $50/hr = $4,650

Payment Installment  = $4,650 on June 24th, 2016

Also if you agree with our Campaign Strategy you can begin weekly or bi-weekly payments starting the following week after the completion of Phase 2.  (If you would like to discuss any changes in regards to price and/or payment of the campaign strategy (Phase 3) we can agree to compromise before the signing of the work agreement).

These installments can be paid via check, cash, or an agreed upon money transfer application.  Payment can be received by either Shauntay Pitts or Keenan Alves.  

E. Additional Details
The following information touches on items we have mentioned and would like to further clarify here:


E1. Work Agreement
Please review our Work Proposal and let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.  Once we are in agreement, we will sign the document and move forward with providing our services.  This agreement will contain our payment schedule.

E2. Workflow

We are currently working with other clients on a per project basis.  The majority of these outside projects are flexible, and we can tailor our work with you around your schedule.  From our initial assessment period, we’ve determined that there will be weekly “Progress Update” meetings (1 per week) that will occur the following week after the signing of the contract.  

. Starting June 24, 2016

E3. Communication & Responsibilities

Keenan Alves will be appointed as the Project Manager of this project and Shauntay Pitts will be appointed as the Product Manager.  Together, Keenan and Shauntay will delegate tasks to their team of creative professionals.  



F. Conclusion

Please let us know your thoughts on the information stated above.  Once we are on the same page, we will send over our financial information for the first payment to occur within 24 hours of signing the work agreement, which will initialize our work.