D. Terms of Agreement

We have determined the the full project will require  [60] hours.
In regards to Timeline, Term breakdown, and Fee; here are our thoughts:


D1. Timeline + D2. Payment Breakdown

We elect to begin the project within 24 hours of agreeing on the proposal and acceptance of work proposal.

July 28th - July 5th - Pre-Production process
casting, concepts finalization, location, rental, shot list, run of day

July 6th - Shoot Day
July 12th - First draft reviews for (3) concepts
July 13th - July 16th - Final exports delivered

Ride Sharing Series Cost

Director/Producer Fee = $400

Equipment Rental = $400
Canon c200 Kit

Music License = $600
three original tracks w/o copyright

Editing =$1300
13 videos total // 3 pre-roll (6sec), 3 original concepts, 9 various sizing, 1 long form video

Casting Budget = $600
up to 4 people at $150/day

DP Hire = $600
6 Hour shoot

Total = $3900

Payment Setup + Schedule

Deposit due no later than July 5th = $1950 (half of the full payment) 
         -Equipment rental ($400), Casting Budget (up front $600), DP (up front &600), Music Deposit ($300)

Net 30 due no later than July 30th = $1950 (final payment)
          -Editing ($1300), Director/Producer fee ($350), Music final payment ($300)  



E. Additional Details
The following information touches on items we have mentioned and would like to further clarify here:


E1. Work Agreement
Please review the Work Proposal and let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.  

E2. Workflow
I am willing to be very flexible and understanding of the companies needs and time sensitive deadlines. I would like to keep the lines of communication as open as possible and work through any set backs, concerns, or adjustments to this proposal. 



F. Conclusion

Please let me know your thoughts on the information stated above.  Once agreed and a trajectory is confirmed I will send over an Invoice and sign a contract/Statement of work as well as payment scheduling. Thank you for considering me for this opportunity.