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This outline details the video content that Keenan Alves will produce for a boutique rowing studio client of jakt. 

project summary

A boutique rowing fitness studio in NYC. They are working with Jakt to build a digital experience for using their workouts at home. They have no video content and we are helping them develop that alongside the digital experience. 

Jakt is looking to test and experiment with different variations in content early on so that we can figure out what works best.

This includes someone who can:

  • Contribute ideas on staging and format
  • Be flexible with shooting and can edit quickly (understanding that we aren't looking for polished videos at this stage)
  • Has experience with fitness content
  • Has 10-20 hours a week to put into the project starting as soon as possible until mid-January (to produce 1-3 videos per week)

strategic analysis


You can see an example of the listed video elements at the timestamps within the parentheses

  • Music Production / Music Sourcing  (00:00 - 01:46 whole video)

  • Script (00:00 - 01:46 whole video)

  • Vocal / Audio Synchronization (00:50)
  • Titles / Typography  (00:50)
  • Color Grading (00:00 - 00:01)
  • Animations (00:02 - 00:04)
  • Effects (00:001)


sample video provided by jakt

(estimated 14 hour edit)


filming and editing

($100/hr for filming and $60/hr for editing)

sample quote 1

Pre-Production (rentals, shot list) = $150

Production 2 hrs = $200

Post Production 8 hrs = $480

Total = $830 / video


sample quote 2

Pre-Production (rentals, shot list) = $150

Production 2 hrs = $200

Post Production 14 hrs = $840

Total = $1190 / video


Editing Hours

sample quote 1: $830

(0 - 5 minute) video edit of a sequence based on the sample including only the elements of Music Sourcing, Titles/Typography, and Effects will take 8 hours.  This includes 1 free technical revision.

sample quote 2:  $1190

(0 - 5 minute) video edit based on the sample provided by jakt (14 hour edit).  This does not include a script but it does include a shot list.  It also includes 1 free technical revision.

A technical revision is a revision that is not based on creativity, it is strictly based on fixing an existing element within the video or removing it.  A technical revision is performed within the original scope of the video edit.  The original scope of the video edit is planned during the pre-production phase.  
An example of a technical revision would be fixing a typo or changing the font size.  Another example would be removing a clip or moving it to a different timestamp within the video.


If we are editing a video above 5 minutes in length we will have to implement our hourly editing rate for the first version of the final deliverable (without an estimate).  Then we can use that template/model to create future estimates for that specific style of video.



Any creative revisions or technical revisions aside from the first free technical revision can be done at our standard editing rate of $60/hr.


Filming Hours

Hours of filming may vary based on what the client would like produced.  For fitness content the average film time can be anywhere between 1-3 hours per shoot.  Generally we do not need more than 5 hours for a day shoot.  

Raw Footage

Due to the size of the project files the raw footage will be deleted once the final edit is delivered.  If the fitness client or jakt would like to keep raw footage they will need to bring an external hard drive with at least 250GB of space available on the day of production.  

Communication & Responsibilities

Depending on the project scope for each video Keenan Alves will have to direct the production of the content by managing a small team during pre-production, production, and post production.  Keenan Alves will also communicate with the Jakt team to ensure that the quality of the end deliverable meets their standards.

The end deliverables can not be altered by the jakt nor the client once the shot list is written and equipment is retrieved for the production phase.

Timeline & Payment Schedule

Payment is separated into two installments.  One installment covers pre production tasks to production labor and expenses.  The second installment covers post production. 

We elect to begin the project within 3 days after signing the work agreement and receiving the production deposit.  This gives us enough time to complete the tasks for pre-production and ensure that we are fully prepared for production.  If we do not receive the first installment 3 days before filming, the film date will have to be pushed back.

The second installment should be paid within 1 - 5 business days of receiving the end deliverable.

some examples of our related work

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$100 / hr (edited photos)

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  • great conversions with content can lead up to 85% increase in sign ups for fitness classes
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