Chapter II

BETTER® Media is a platform more than a portfolio, boutique, company, or business. We created BETTER® Media to showcase talents that otherwise wouldn't be scouted. We created opportunities for creators of digital media and content for brands we all know or brands you will know.

The branded content we've created for companies in the past has boosted their engagement or attendance every time. We always wanted to keep this possible for clients and anyone interested in working with our team, so we continued  to create engaging content based on strategy that we've polished over the years.

This is our start, we began with incubating ourselves to determine whether or not this can be achieved by leveraging connections and forming our own opportunities. 

We believe in order to enable a BETTER® lifestyle you have to work hard and push forth no matter the obstacles, because trust us there were obstacles lots of them. However,

Dali Lama did say "if you lose, don't lose the lesson" and that's a habit that has become easier for us to practice. 

BETTER® Media is one of the many branches that will encompass the BETTER® lifestyle brand. We have innovators in a few sections of greatness. There is Music, Media, Health, and soon to be Tech, and we don't intend to slow down there. We see the world and can see how our creativity can add to it or create the ground work for a entity bigger than we imagined. 


We started in 2013 as students attending the NYU Poly campus eager to explore our options within the startup community. Since then we've worked with a number of great companies, Lucille Roberts being the first and the most recent being in the startup roots. 

When we first became co-founders we had big dreams and we still do. Although FlllMATIC will always have a special place in our humble beginnings, we knew we had to take it up a notch, and part of that is rebranding. That included a name we felt spoke and represented our growth over the last 3 years, that is why we choose BETTER® to represent our mission and to symbolize our direction moving forward. Now we're at a point we can  create opportunities for others we created for ourselves with the same principles, work ethic, more team members and affiliates.

In order to be great we believe in testing our limits and going above the standard. That's just how we do.

Being BETTER® is a mind state that shapes all of our work and creativity.


Are you BETTER®?

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