The Man

While Anthony is on The Journey of growing his business to $10 million per year in revenue Keenan Alves co-founder of BETTER Media will be documenting The Journey and applying Anthony's expertise and advice to develop and scale his own business venture.  Along the way you will see the rawest form of what an Entrepreneur Lifestyle is like in NYC.  


Anthony's Story

"I started my company Jakt in 2012. It started with me working out of my apartment, working non-stop and pulling countless all nighters to make sure I could afford rent the next month. Some days I even rented out my own room on Airbnb and slept on the couch to save money. Long story short, I did whatever it took.

Today Jakt is a amazing team of people and the company has done 7 figures in revenue every year since 2014. There’s been some crazy up’s and down’s along the way — mentally, emotionally and financially. I wish I documented the process of getting to where I am today — but better late than never. So now I’m doing it.

My goal is to document what it’s like to run and grow a business. Nothing held back. The good and the bad. Like actually, though. None of this shit where it’s always nice and rosy – that’s not real life and what it’s like to run a business. It’s fucking hard and I want to show that. But it’s also the most fun and rewarding thing you can do (at least for me) and I want to show that too.

So here we go! Hope you guys follow along, enjoy and maybe even learn something from my journey" 🙂